South Korea

Baekje Settlement Site in Seoul

Baekje Settlement Site

Baekje Settlement Site in Seoul. When I was studying at school I liked history only until CE. After that, all wars, all revolutions, all battles, and other historical events seemed all the same to me, and I couldn’t remember even dates. And if be honest, it is a shame on me because my grandfather was an academic, and majored in history. He wrote several academic papers and conducted researches, he even published the books. 

But I have a small argument to protect myself. I started loving history now!

Now I am really curious about different historical events. I love visiting museums. And I can spend hours there. I think museums are one of my favorite places to visit these days!

Baekje Settlement Site in Seoul

Baekje Settlement Site

Just imagine that the district you live in now was a very important region hundreds of years ago. Maybe a significant historical event happened right on the place your house is located now!

Baekje Settlement Site

Why I am saying that? Well, the district I live in now was another government centuries ago. Maybe you heard that the Korean peninsula was divided into several dynasties, into several governments. And one of these governments was located right here.

Baekje Settlement Site

People in the photos are not real. These are manikins. 

And one of the reasons I love Korea is that they try to save all these historical places. So, a couple of weeks ago I have been to the museum «Baekje Settlement Site» where you can see how settlements looked like at that period of time.

The site was discovered in 1988 (the year when Olympic Games took a place in Seoul). 

Here you can imagine how people lived at that time. They made pits of different shapes and sizes and used them as storage. Baekje dynasty was founded around 18 BCE, but at that time people already had something similar to the Korean ondol system (warm floor).

The museum itself is really small. It is just a part of archaeological excavations during which that dwelling site was found. And the government keeps that place the same and organized as a museum. 

There is another museum about Baekje dynasty and the history of this district, but I haven’t been there yet. But for sure I will go there one day!

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