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How to get all from the trips

all from the trips
all from the trips
How the journey starts

About me

Hello! I am Irina and I am addicted to travel. I get inspiration from each trip. It can be even just a one day trip somewhere around the city: park, museum, gallery etc. But of course, I love trips to new places, city, countries. I am trying to get all from the trips.

In my ‘travel bag’ more than 36 countries and 121 cities, and I am not gonna stop. My dream is to see much more countries and places in the world.

all from the trips
A doll in Korean traditional dress hanbok

Tips on how to get all from the trips

Everything can be for the first time. First day at school, first date, the first smartphone, first best friend, etc. And travel is not exclusion. Especially, the trip abroad can happen for the first time. Most people are afraid, scared, or nervous before the first trip. And it doesn’t matter whether you travel alone or with someone else. Here are a few tips on how to get all from the trips.

Tip #1. What is What

it is better to learn at least something about the place you are going to. So, before going somewhere, try to check at least common things: local currency, payment types (credit card or cash), the local language, traditional food, transportation types, and fees, etc. I don’t mean that you have to learn the local language, but at least what is the local language. Also, if you are going to a Muslim country, I would recommend checking the outfit regulations. In some countries it is prohibited to wear short skirts or shorts outside.

Sometimes it is very useful if you read a little bit about the history of that country or a particular place. For example, when I traveled to Cambodia, I was reading about each temple before visiting it. Otherwise, all the temples will look the same, and after the trip, you will forget what was what.

all from the trips

Tip #2. Must SEE

Of course, it depends on the purpose of your trip, but if you want to explore the new city/country/place, then you should make a list of Must-See or Must Visit places. How to do it? Just google it. There are plenty of recommendations by bloggers, travelers, travel agencies or journals, local travel organizations, etc.

Pick up the place which you want to visit. If you have too many places to visit and too little time to do it, I would recommend you to split your list into 2 parts: MUST and Maybe next time.

all from the trips

Another important thing is the well-planned trip schedule. Put the places which are located near to each other together. It will help you save time, money and increase the chances that you will visit more places. For example, on the first day of the trip you can visit the sights from district A, on the second day you can explore district B and so on.

Tip #3. Must EAT

Well, maybe some won’t agree with me, but as one who likes yummies and like to try new things, I always try the local food! I believe that local food helps to feel and understand the local culture. And, I never understood people who prefer McDonald’s to pizza or pasta in Italy. I am not saying that during the trip you have to eat just local food. But you definitely should try it at least once.

all from the trips

Most countries have a broad variety of local dishes. Also, the traditional food can vary from city to city. For example, in South Korea, Andong city is famous for the so-called JjimDak (braised chicken), or the most delicious bibimpab is in Jeonju city.

all from the trips

Tip #4. Find locals

It is not a must to do things, it is tips. From my personal experience, I would be happy to hang out with locals or with those who live here for a long time. Only from these people, you can learn real facts about that country. But here I would point out the fact that not all expats really know about the country. I know many bloggers who tell about the country nonsense. Why? Because, not only how long you live here or where matters, but also how do you live there, what kind of experience you get, with whom you communicate… If you live in the country for 5+ years and stay just at home or all your friends are the same expats, you will never really learn about that country.

all from the trips
Traditional Korean Masks used for the performance

Tip #5. In case of Emergency

You never know what can happen. You may lose your wallet, bag or get lost by yourself. Therefore, you should try to reduce or eliminate all possible risks. Don’t keep all your money in the same place. Put some into your pocket, another part to the bag, put your card to another pocket… Learn emergency phone numbers (police, your friends, embassy, etc).

all from the trips

Tip #6. Check your budget

Even if you have a platinum VISA card, estimate your budget for the trip. Try to estimate your future expenses for the upcoming trip. If you plan to visit some sights where the entrance is not free, check the fees online. Some places provide a discount if you make an online booking or reservation, or if you travel in a group. And sometimes you can save around 50% on online reservations. Also, you can share your experience and give some advice to others.

Tip #7. Just do it!

Don’t be afraid! Don’t worry! Just do it! Get all from the trips! Even if you travel alone, be brave! You will never get the same experience, the same impressions, the same memories again.

all from the trips
Stone monuments which protected the place/house in South Korea


Each trip is unique, and try to get the most of it. You can find me on Instagram and ask me any questions. Or if you be somewhere around South Korea, DM and we can have a short trip together!

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