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I believe I can touch the Seoul sky…

I believe I can touch the Seoul sky...

I believe I can touch the Seoul sky… that is what I exactly felt when I was on the 123rd floor of the Seoul Sky. I am the type of person who is afraid of heights but runs first to the top to enjoy the view. Weird? Yes, it is, but it is true.

I remember when I was in Cambodia, I was exploring each temple, and of course, I was climbing to the top, but then crawling down with shaking hands and feet. 

Today I want to show you Seoul from a height of around 500 meters.

I believe I can touch the Seoul sky

So, our destination is Seoul Sky which is located in Jamsil station in Seoul, South Korea.

About Seoul Sky

Before starting our journey, let me briefly tell you about the tower itself.

Seoul Sky is an observatory which is located at the top of the Lotte World Tower. There are 123 stories in the tower, and it is the 5th tallest building in the world. Its’ height is 555 meters. 

It is the only place in Seoul where you can have a 360-degree view of Seoul city. 

The observatory was opened in 2017.

Floor guide

The journey to the Seoul Sky starts from the B1 floor, where you can buy the tickets. I had free tickets 🙂 But the standard ticket for adults costs around 25 USD$.

Then you can enter the observation deck, so you will go up to the 117th floor. And here you will find a small museum which shows how the tower was built, which and how many resources were used.

Then you will be able to watch a short video and… Pam-para-pam!

5 floors of the tower are dedicated to the observation deck. Why so many? I think it is not really enough :))

There is a so-called Sky Lounge, a fancy cafe where you can just drink a coffee or have lunch/dinner. It is located on the 123rd floor. Many couples have a proposal date there. Just imagine, night lights, romantic music, you are on the top of the world…

Okay, if you prefer something more simple, then you can just grab a drink in the coffee shop, which is located a floor below the Sky Lounge.

From time to time temporal special exhibitions take a place there. I was lucky to see the replicas of Marc Chagall’s works.

We can’t avoid a souvenir store as well. I had a magnet from that place. I am like millions of over travelers collecting magnets 🙂

Sky bridge

Last year one more facility was added to the Seoul Sky, and it is Sky Bridge. It is a place for crazy people haha Seriously, I would never be so brave as to go out to the bridge on the very top, and on the open area! So, sorry, I don’t have my own pictures, so I stole one picture from the Seoul Sky official Instagram page.

I enjoyed the glass floor. The interesting fact is that when I was here before, I was too scared and I couldn’t look at that floor, but this time I stepped on it!

And the last thing that I want to show you is a night view… 

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