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The Highest Building in South-East Asia

The Highest Building

The Highest Building in South-East Asia. South Korea and Seoul are getting more popular travel destination every year. Students are coming here to study Korean language and to look with their own eyes on the sights from the Korean dramas. And here is one of the most popular sights in Seoul.

The Highest Building in South-East Asia

Have you ever been to the Lotte World Park, which is located in Jamsil station? So, there is one more famous and cool place in that district— Lotte World Tower.

The Highest Building

Lotte World Tower is the highest building in all South-East Asia. This tower was built by Lotte company.

Lotte world tower is surrounded with Lotte Mall, Lotte Department store, Lotte hotel etc.

Lotte organizes different events in front of or inside the tower. For example, here is a short video about last Christmas in Korea.

So, what is there in Lotte Tower?

The Highest Building

So, top levels are observation deck, restaurants and cafes, and other entertainments. On the 12th floor are banks and some other financial agencies. Also, there is a super-luxury hotel, apartments and officetels.

You can go upstairs to the 31st floor for free. That floor is called SKY31, and there is a food court, convenience store, conference hall.

The Highest Building

Also, there is a small clinic, dental clinic etc.

The total height of the building is 555meters and 123 floors. It is a little bit lower than the Burj Khalifa in the UAE.

Lotte World Shopping Mall

Close to Lotte World Tower is located Lotte World Shopping Mall. And it is a 12-floors building with plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants, cinema, beauty stores etc.

The Highest Building

Another building of that great complex is Avenuel. Avenuel is 6 floors of luxury stores. Avenuel aims to become the greatest luxury & global contemporary fashion centre.

So, if you will have a chance to visit Seoul. Jamsil district must be in your bucket list!

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