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Kyongbokkung palace
South Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace: a Palace Tour

About Gyeongbokgung Palace Gyeongbokgung Palace was almost absolutely destroyed during the Imjin War, the Japanese invasion of Korea. During the war, the king and a royal family should have left a Gyeongbokgung Palace, and they moved to another palace — Doksugung Palace. So Gyeongbokgung Palace was empty for about 3 centuries. And only during King Kojeong’s government …

Palace of Shining Happiness
South Korea

Palace of Shining Happiness or Open Air Museum

What do you know about «A Palace of Shining Happiness»? South Korea is a country and museum at the same time. Here you can walk along the streets and enjoy unusual constructions, buildings, and green parks. You can enjoy modern constructions and historical places located close to each other. South Korea has an enormous cultural …

храм понынса статуя будды
South Korea

Travel Around Seoul: Buddhist Temple Bongeunsa

Travel Around Seoul: Buddhist Temple Bongeunsa. Travel Around Seoul: Buddhist Temple Bongeunsa. Are you ready for an online tour? Today our destination is a well-known Buddhist temple Bongeunsa Temple. There are a few Buddhist temples with a men ‘Bongeunsa’ in Seoul. But the most famous one is the one which is located in the center of …

itaewon class
South Korea

The series Itaewon Class and Coronavirus. What is the connection?

Itaewon Class and Coronavirus in South Korea Itaewon Class and Coronavirus. It’s cloudy in South Korea these days. And it was rainy a day before yesterday, but according to the forecast, it will be rainy tomorrow as well. In general, the weather is changeable in the last couple of weeks. One day it is summer, …

lantern festival
South Korea Travel and Leisure

Spring Festivals in South Korea: Lantern Festival

Let’s continue our virtual trip to Korean Spring Festivals. Last time we visited the Flower Festival, today is time for the Lantern Festival. Lantern Festival Another popular festival in Korea, which takes place in the spring, is the Lantern Festival. The official name of the festival is the Lotus Lantern Festival. It is dedicated to …

Flower Festival
South Korea

Spring Festivals in South Korea: Flower Festival 2018

Spring has come to South Korea. Around everything turns green and blooms, more and more people go for walks. Every spring, many different festivals are held in South Korea. Festivals of tulips and roses, lanterns, and green tea. And of the most beautiful spring festivals in South Korea: Flower Festival. South Korea. Flower Festival I’ll …

South Korea

The Highest Building in South-East Asia

The Highest Building in South-East Asia. South Korea and Seoul are getting more popular travel destinations every year. Students are coming here to study Korean language and to look with their own eyes at the sights from the Korean dramas. And here is one of the most popular sights in Seoul. The Highest Building in …

South Korea

South Korea: A list of things which are not strange anymore

When you live in one country for a long time you get used to many things which in the beginning seemed very strange. I live abroad for more than 11 years, and mostly I lived in South Korea. Therefore, today I want to share with you my experience, my list of things that are not …